The MPA Engage Vulnerability Assessment Guidelines: These guidelines provide a methodological description on how to implement a climate vulnerability assessment in MPAs. The approach relies on an indicator-based approach, which combines exposure and sensitivity to climate change, with the adaptive capacity in both the ecological and social dimensions. The methodology is designed to be reproducible and replicable in other Mediterranean MPAs.

The MPA Engage Joint Vulnerability Assessment Plans: This document describes the methodology applied for the design and implementation of the socio-ecological vulnerability assessment in 7 pilot Mediterranean MPAs. It also provides a description and analysis of the vulnerability Indices results.

The MPA Engage Vulnerability Assessment Reports of the 7 pilot MPAs:  These documents present the results, findings and conclusions of the vulnerability assessment process run in each pilot MPA: Brijuni National Park (Croatia), Portofino MPA (Italy), Calanques National Park (France), Zakynthos MPA (Greece), Cap de Creus MPA and Litoral del Baix Empordà MPA (Spain), Tavolara MPA (Italy).

The MPA Engage e-learning materials: MPA Engage run webinars aiming to enhance the capacities of participants on how to develop a social-ecological vulnerability assessment of MPAs to the impacts of climate change. The webinars featured methodological approaches and hands-on exercises on the development of vulnerability indicators in MPAs. (LINK)

A Vulnerability Assessment Tool for Mediterranean MPAs: online, interactive, with guidelines on the methodology and a template for data input. This tool allows you to perform a climate change vulnerability assessment considering the full social-ecological system of the MPA. It includes analysis on 3 RCP scenarios, timeframes of 2050 ans 2100, and vulnerability scores for species, habitats and users of the MPA. The toolbox on vulnerability assessments is available with the guidelines, training webinars and the tested results for 7 MPAs in the Mediterranean Sea. (LINK)