Partners training

9th and 10th December

Enhancing skills on how to set up a participatory decision-making process


At heart of the MPA Engage project lies the development of climate change mitigation and adaptation plans in 7 Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas. In order to ensure that effective and participative decision-making processes will be setup up in the pilot MPAs, on the 9th and 10th of December 2020 a webinar series will be held aiming to enhance partners’ skills on the issue.

The training is organized by MIO-ECSDE and will specifically focus on how to:


► Unit 1: Design and implement the quintuple helix participatory approach

Within this learning unit the partners will get acquainted with key definitions and concepts related to participatory approaches in environmental decision-making. The training will illustrate the main challenges in designing and implementing a participatory approach and will provide an overview of levels and techniques of participatory approaches. The concrete steps that need to be undertaken within the MPA Engage project in order to put public participation into practice will be described while also the recommended MPA Engage participatory process plan will be shared.


► Unit 2: Develop a local climate change adaptation and mitigation plan

Within this learning unit partners will learn how to develop a local climate change adaptation and mitigation plan. The training will focus on all phases involved in the elaboration of the plan, from the first phase focusing on defining the vision (purpose and scope of the adaptation action plan) to the last phase focusing on realizing the vision.