Citizen Science in Tavolara

Engage Citizen Science In Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas - July 27th - 30th

Due to Climate Change, several Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are already facing major biodiversity and functional alterations whereas others will likely face them in the next few decades.

Among the various initiatives to counteract this rapid transformation, the engagement of citizen scientists can be a valuable strategy that help Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to be in the frontline of the fight again Climate Change.

Trained volunteers such as SCUBA divers can indeed contribute to monitor Climate change impacts, promoting environmental awareness and the indispensable transition towards a sustainable use of natural resources.

Hosted by the MPA of Tavolara Punta Coda Cavallo (Sardinia, Italy) - during July 27th - 30th - the MPAEngage project will support a field test of Citizen Science strategies and implementation of common monitoring protocols with representatives of the Diving industry, researchers and Mediterranean MPAs. 

At the same time, researchers and managers will be involved in training focusing on the implementation of socio-ecological vulnerability assessments for their MPAs.