EVENT 15 MAY - MPA Engage exhibition in Calanques

The MPA Engage exhibition will take place during the event celebrating the 10 years of existence of the Calanques National Park: the festival “Embruns”.

All day long, a wide variety of activities will be proposed, including climate-related activities, as well as a village of solutions and commitment allowed for exchanges with the National Park agents and their partners.

The programme will appeal to young and old, sports enthusiasts and idlers alike. A special emphasis will be put on discovering the effects of climate change at sea, in connection with the MPA Engage project, through:

  • panels & photos
  • a stand dedicated to divers/recreational fishers
  • a stand dedicated to citizen science
  • a stand dedicated to environmental education and a climate change game
  • a space set up to listen podcasts on climate related impacts in the marine environment
  • fish sculptures set up above the sea on the beach
  • theatrical performances to question people about climate change
  • an artistic tree (based on gorgonian and made from plastic waste) to collect solutions/engagement of the public for adaptation and mitigation to climate change
  • snorkelling tours organised by citizen science operator and kayaking guided tours by local partner, to talk about climate change impacts