“Mass mortalities driven by climate- and human-related changes in the Mediterranean Sea” Workshop

16-17 November 2021 – Institut de Ciències del Mar-CSIC (Barcelona, Spain)

The goal of the two day Workshop organized by the Institut de Ciències del Mar-CSIC is to bring together experts from different domains related to climate change and conservation biology for connecting physico-chemical climate change trends and conditions to observed ecological and evolutionary impacts focusing on the case of mass mortalities.

The workshop will gather more than 45 research teams from 11 Mediterranean countries. The different domains of expertise of the participants of the workshop will allow to explore the interactions between climate change and other different human pressures at different levels of organization from individual to local population and ecosystem. Finally, the workshop will be the opportunity to design transregional collaboration actions aiming to enhance our understanding on key processes underlying in the functioning of impacted ecosystems, focusing on affected habitat-forming species and potential cascading effects.

The main expected outcome is to provide the most comprehensive dataset ever on the Mass Mortality Events occurred in the Mediterranean Sea. The workshop will benefit from the existing collaborative initiative, the T-MEDNet network dedicated to track climate change impacts in the Mediterranean

The workshop is possible thanks to the support by the EuroMarine (European Marine Research Network), the projects MPA-Engage (InterregMED) and HeatMed (MCIUN).

For more information :

Joaquim Garrabou, Institut de Ciències del Mar: garrabou@icm.csic.es