Partnerships and networks for a policy of management and protection of the Ligurian Marine Protected Areas

Regione Liguria, partner of the MPA Engage Project, is pleased to invite you to the conferences, exhibitions, workshops and shows of the Transumare Festival which will take place from the 23rd to 28th of May in Genoa.

The event is organised by the Liguria Regional Council in cooperation with the University of Genoa and aims to illustrate the opportunities of European programming for the Ligurian Marine Protected Areas.

Through the presentation of the projects carried out in the last programming period (MPA ENGAGE, NEPTUNE, GIREPAM, MPA NETWORK, LIFE PINNA) and by opening up to dialogue with local networks and actors, it will be possible to lay the foundations for the identification of objectives, necessary resources and collaborations useful for the definition of new projects for the development of Marine Protected Areas.

In particular, on the 27th of May, Carlo Cerrano from the UNIVPM will present the MPA Engage project with a speech titled "The MED MPA ENGAGE project and the role of the MPAs in the Mediterranean".

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