CIESM Atlas of Exotic Species in the Mediterranean: The Second Edition just out

The phenomenon of fish invasion into the Mediterranean is progressing with no sign of ending.

The new data continuously acquired of new observation of non-indigenous species allowed the publication of the second edition, entirely revised, of the CIESM Atlas of Exotic Fishes in the Mediterranean Sea.

This new edition is the result of many years of work and exchanges of the CIESM task force of ichthyologists and covers 188 exotic fishes, out of which 107 were not present at the time of the first edition 20 years ago.

It documents, in 365-richly illustrated pages, the changes of the Mediterranean Sea happening right before our eyes, with a crazy and unprecedented rate.

The Atlas provides a user-friendly access to detailed and authoritative information to researchers, environmental planners, and non-specialists, who are interested in the phenomenon or are likely to encounter marine species that are not native to the basin. It also aims at raising the level of awareness of these important issues.

Authors: D. Golani, E. Azzurro, J. Dulčić, E. Massutí, L. Orsi Relini. - F. Briand Editor