COOL THE SEA! The MPA Engage exhibition to promote resilience to climate change

 The exhibition COOL THE SEA! Marine Protected Areas: building resilience to Climate Change will go live from March to June in the seven MPAs participating in the MPA Engage project.

The exhibition is designed according to three levels: an overview of Climate Change impacts on a global scale; more detailed information dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea, one hotspot for global change; and finally, a focus on each of the seven Marine Protected Areas of the MPA Engage project.

Protecting the sea yields many benefits, including some that reach far beyond MPAs' boundaries. Indeed MPAs can restore ocean health by preserving habitat integrity. They enhance ecosystem resilience, support fisheries productivity, protect biodiversity, and safeguard unique cultural traditions historically tied to the seas.

MPAs also enhance the resilience of ecosystems in face of Climate Change and can be pilot sites for monitoring the impacts of Climate Change on marine ecosystems, serving as a tool for MPA managers and the scientific community to anticipate steps for a more effective adaptation to change. 

The exhibition will highlight how the ocean is part of the solution to Climate Change and how the future of marine ecosystems depends on the level of protection of MPAs.

A section will also focus on best practices that MPA visitors and resident people can carry out both while they are visiting the MPA, as well as back at home.