How will coastal biodiversity and small islands face climate change in the Calanques National Park?

On 27th of September 2021, The Calanques National Park (NP) participated in a day of exchanges on “Coastal biodiversity and small Mediterranean islands facing climate change”, which was organised within the territory of the Frioul islands by the GREC-SUD (regional experts group on climate in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur).

During this event, researchers, NGO leaders and managers of protected areas presented the current state of scientific knowledge and the strategies implemented, or to be implemented, to increase the resilience of these coastal and island environments and ensure their proper functioning.

The MPA Engage project was introduced and the main activities explained, in particular the monitoring activities implemented by the Calanques NP field staff, the citizen sciences activities, dives training through the POLARIS platform and the recent results of the vulnerability assessment to climate change of the MPA.

In the frame of the participatory approach process, the Calanques NP also announced to the local stakeholders present (mainly socio-economics actors and decision-makers) how the climate change adaptation plan for the marine territory is planned to be built with the MPA governance bodies due to the current context.

The public was pretty receptive, with a particular interest on the different marine climate change impacts showcased by scientists and by the Calanques NP manager.

Local stakeholders even underlined the necessity to transfer the results of the MPA Engage project to a shared platform or something similar, in order to benefits several other MPAs in the region. They anticipated our thoughts!