MPA Engage partners participated to the first RAN Conservation Diver Course and Punta Manara project

The Reef Alert Network (RAN) in collaboration with the MPA Engage partners UNIVPM and Portofino MPA started the first course "RAN Conservation Diver", four days of training focused on the application of scientific protocols for the monitoring of the different marine species.

The MPA Engage protocols Mass Mortality assessment, Fish Visual Census and SFM-Photogrammetry together with other citizen science protocols (Reef Check) have been applied in the MPA Portofino and a total of 4 sites have been monitored.

The course involved 10 persons including technical and recreational divers and the trainers.

Read the programme here

UNIVPM participated in the PUNTA MANARA project promoted by Reef Alert Network

3rd-5th May 2022

Another great example of capitalization for the MPA Engage project is the Reef Alert Network initiative aiming to describe the three-dimensional structure of the marine animal forests present in Punta Manara site by means of the SFM-Photogrammetry protocol.

UNIVPM participated in this project, held on the 3-5th May 2022, training 8 technical divers for the application of this protocol. SFM-Photogrammetry has been applied in Punta Manara at a depth ranging from 26 to 50 m obtaining the 3D reconstruction of 6 different areas in the same site and highlighting the presence of Paramuricea clavata and Savalia savaglia forests as well as anthropic impact due to lost fishing gear.

The application of this protocol will eventually activate awareness-raising processes, increasing the level of protection of this area, which is particularly affected by anchoring and fishing activities.


Photo Credits: Bruno Borelli - Model reconstruction developed by Torquato Pulido Mantas