The MPA Engage Monitoring Protocols Toolkit: The 11 MPA Engage monitoring protocols are provided in the form of complete toolkits, ready to be used and transferred. These toolkits are complemented by e-learning materials such as presentations, video-tutorials and tools to assist the process of data collection and analysis. All together, these materials provide a system to support the entire process, from the data collection (monitoring), to the analysis and interpretation of data, up to the final assessment of climate change impacts. (LINK)

The MPA Engage Joint Monitoring Plan in the MPAs: This document is intended to provide guidance to conservation practitioners, MPAs management bodies, and decision makers on how to integrate a series of common and harmonized protocols for monitoring climate change effects in the management plans of Mediterranean MPAs. Related outcomes and conclusions are based on the experience and feedback received by 7 pilot MPAs, which tested on the field the effectiveness of 11 monitoring protocols. The testing of multiple monitoring protocols across different MPA contexts has provided actionable insight into the overall feasibility and effectiveness of each protocol. (LINK)

The MPA Engage e-Learning Materials: A series of webinars presenting the rationale, the goals, the materials, the field implementation and the outcomes for the 11 monitoring protocols are available. (LINK)