Citizen Science

Unit 3: Citizen science: the new frontier to enhance the effectiveness of climate change adaptation strategies

Within this e-learning unit participants have been provided with an overview of best practice examples of citizen science initiatives focused on the assessment of climate change effects. The participants acquainted with the methodological approaches for setting up a citizen science activity, with special emphasis on the engagement of diving centres and recreational fishermen.

Webinars materials


Webinar 9. Climate change marine citizen science actions


Moderator: Ernesto Azzurro

Presentations: Carlo Cerrano, Fabio Figurella & Joaquim Garrabou

Duration:  1h 20 min (1h presentation + 20 minutes for questions)

Starting at:  June 3rd 2020 at 10:00 Central Europe Time

Learning goals: The main result that we expect from this webinar is to provide to the partner MPAs a tool-kit to involve the diving centers and recreational divers in the monitoring of climate change indicators to inform MPAs managers