Climate Awareness Raising Activities


MPA-ENGAGE supports Mediterranean MPAs to organize local awareness events in schools, aquaria, maritime and science museums, to disseminate knowledge on Climate Change. We mutualize communication efforts and empower the use of the available materials such as Posters, leaflets and videos. MPAs as natural heritages and touristic attractors, provide a unique opportunity for communication purposes and they have the power to ACTIVATE the public into more effectively engaging with the challenge of Climate Change.

Acknowledge feelings about climate change to MPA users, so they can face the reality of climate change. 

Create social norms about protecting the environment so that people see ‘it’s normal to be green’. 

Talk about climate change so that more and more people see it as a reality that requires action 

Inspire positive visions of a low-energy, sustainable, zero carbon world 

Value it – show people how their core values are linked to the MPAs natural heritage

Act personally and collectively to contribute to climate change solutions and feel engaged and less despairing. 

Time is now -  Show people that climate change is here and now

Engage people with nature to restore their spirits and connect with the very places that we are trying to protect.