Dissemination Campaign for Fisheries and Tourism and Climate Change

Within the MPA Engage partnership, the task of Regione Liguria is to coordinate some capitalization activities of the project. Regione Liguria will therefore propose events related to this focus, as well as create a network of local and national subjects in order to:

  • increase environmental awareness on the critical effects of climate change on the marine environment;
  • highlight the key role of regional and national MPAs as a reference point for preventing further biodiversity loss and safeguarding Mediterranean marine ecosystems from climate change;
  • define a strategy of common vision and integrated actions in the regional MPA system which could be an experience to capitalize.

Given its governance role, Regione Liguria is engaged in identifying, interacting and involving main coastal actors and key stakeholders of the MPA area or even striclty connected, in relation to the effects of climate change on the Mediterranean marine environment.

The aim is to develop a new kind of network, thanks to the real and authentic relationship, in a team style. Every subject has a specific role and responsability while working in supporting each other to enhance environmental awareness.

That’s why we do our best to cross all the projects we are working on, in order to resonate and increase the effects of the projects themselves, thanks to a stronger transnational network.

Performed activities in 2021
  • February, 18th: online meeting with ARPAL, involving technicians and researchers of the Centro Mare di Genova to present the project and the MPA Engage monitoring protocols.
  • February, 24th: online meeting with ISPRA and the Marine ecosystem Department of Regione Liguria.
  • March, 17th: online meeting with RAMOGE, a key-role scientific network in the area.
  • March, 25th: online meeting with OFB (Office Francais de la Biodiversitè) from Montpellier (F), dedicated to the MPA Engage presentation and to check contact points on the projects for the protection of posidonia from anchoring of pleasure boat.
  • March 31st: online meeting with regional MPA managers, MPA Isola di Bergeggi, MPA Portofino to strengthen the network between the existing and upcoming MPAs and highlight the Regione Liguria governance role.
  • May, 3th: online meeting with researchers and scientist from University of Genoa, ENEA, Acquario di Genova, MPA Portofino, Regional protected marine area of Capo Mortola, Regional protected marine area of PortoVenere and Palmaria Island, Communal Authority of Albenga (on behalf of the soon to be established AMP Gallinara Island).