MPA Engage participation at the Genoa Science Festival

The Genoa Science Festival is a major international event for science dissemination, offering a great opportunity to meet for researchers, science enthusiasts, schools, and families. The 2021 edition returned in presence (but not only) from the 21 October to 1st November and a special attention was paid to environmental issues.

MPA Engage has been showcased in two Festival events by our partners Portofino MPA and Regione Liguria.

Mapping the changes in the Sea: from the Caribbean Sea to Camogli”: this is the title of the exhibition held by our partner Portofino MPA, to present to a large public the Interreg Med projects MPA Engage and MPA Network. The exhibition was a multimedia event, whose fulcrum was represented by a led wall of about 3.5 m that together with a 55-inches touch screen allowed an immersive experience in the marine environment. Also, a more "didactic - scientific" part was organized with true biological samples provided by the Natural History Museum "Giacomo Doria".

This exhibit allowed the public to discover of the effects of climate change in distant oceans and in the “home” seas. Moreover, the event aimed to show people what we can do to tackle the challenge of halting climate change and help mitigating its effects. In fact, many people still don’t know that there are tools, including Marine Protected Areas, that can both guide us in the change, and constitute a means of monitoring and mitigation.

Marine Protected Areas were shown in their key roles of monitoring biodiversity, restore habitats, manage resources, and involving local communities. Also, MPAs are the base of the conservation of the environment and biodiversity by sharing good practices and building strong networks.

A lab experience was proposed by Regione Liguria: “MOMA, a path of biodiversity - Between “Monti” and “Mare”, to discover ecosystem services. The 2014-20 European funds were an opportunity for the Liguria Region and the Ligurian Parks to deepen the themes of safeguarding biodiversity, the fight against climate change, the monitoring of the consequent adaptations, the protection of ecosystem services and recognition of the role of virtuous productive activities and their enhancement. All this took place in the scenario of the comparison with the Regions of the Western Alps (ALCOTRA), the upper Tyrrhenian Sea (MARITTIMO) and the northern shore of the Mediterranean Sea (MED).

In addition to MPA Engage, the projects that have made possible to develop these themes are: Probiodiv (Alcotra, Terrestrial Territorial Cooperation Program – Biodivalp Biodiversity); CambioVia (Maritime, Cross-border Territorial Cooperation Program); Tris (Maritime, Cross-border Territorial Cooperation Program).